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First and foremost – what does your nighttime sleep look like?

"He who has slept a full night's sleep wakes up with the world at his feet," say the Chinese. Good sleep is the body's healing mechanism; it improves our memory and mood and allows us to be more creative and happy. Is your night's sleep uninterrupted? Do you enjoy high-quality sleep? Have you heard of the five steps that will help you sleep better? Do you know what’s the third thing you should do in bed? The Slumber of Kings, the guide to a particularly good nighttime sleep, has all the answers, as well as additional tips that will grant you a high-quality night's sleep.

Avi Barsesat, a renowned sleep expert who has studied the theory of high-quality sleep for years, now shares his insights in this comprehensive book, which is guaranteed to let you experience “the slumber of kings”!

The Book’s Price:
99 NIS including VAT

A small taste of great ideas

"Eat like a king in the morning, a prince at noon, and a pauper at night." (Maimonides)

Maimonides, who was one of the greatest philosophers of the Middle Ages, a polymath, a scientist and, of course, a doctor, understood a thing or two about the intricacies of the body and the mind. Regarding diet, he advised: "Eat like a king in the morning, a prince at noon, and a pauper at night."

So, how do you guarantee yourself a continuous good night’s sleep? Finish eating at least four hours before going to bed, and remember that eating near your sleep-time burdens your body and prevents the body’s systems from focusing on the preparations necessary for sleep because they are too busy digesting the food.

The Book’s Price:
99 NIS including VAT

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What readers thought about the book

Thank you, Avi, for a simple, on point, and most importantly, practical book."

Omri Mizrahi, Tel Aviv

"'i've read dozens of books and guides about nighttime sleep, and also tried a variety of different medications that inevitably didn't work. You book is the most practical and useful one!"

Rivkah Keidar, Attorney

"Putting aside all unnecessary introductions and nonsense - THIS is how you attain a good night's sleep!"

Roey Ayalon, Nazarath Illit

"If you ignore this book, it is completely your loss"

Ori Yaakov, Food Engineer

"I used to watch co-workers come to work after a full, uninterrupted night's sleep, whilst i would arrive with dark circles under my eyes day after day. Today, i'm glad to say i'm much less exhausted and can function more effectively at work, too. Thank you, Avi"

Keren Geva, Rosh Haayin

The brains behind the book

The Slumber of Kings was written by Avi Barsesat, CEO of Holandya and one of the world's leading experts in the field of sleep research and its impact on our quality of life. After decades of extensive research, Barsesat has come to conclusions and insights regarding a variety of issues that affect the quality of sleep: the number of sleeping hours, food and beverages before bedtime, situations of relaxation and stress, the effect of flickering screens and more. These insights are revealed to you in The Slumber of Kings.